Welcome to AAMS, the introduction towards Automatic Audio Mastering! Get your music to sound good without a hassle with AAMS V4! As a musician or engineer working on music, you need the best sound possible when releasing material to the public. To audio master a mix towards a professional commercial quality recording and to create a sound for all audio speaker systems is a difficult and time consuming task. This is where AAMS steps in and takes control! Process any kind of music or audio, process your own music or mixes. AAMS is windows software for Fully Automatic Audio Mastering. Featuring 100 Band Equalizer, 8 Multiband Tube Compression, Balancing and Loudness settings for internal DSP Processing with all audio corrections automaticly done purely inside the AAMS Program. Now you can listen to what you expect! Create your own sound and be in full control with AAMS V4 Professional Version!


The AAMS V4 Reference Musical Database is an important part of AAMS software!

AAMS is reference style based. The source is your own audio track. The reference is what you want to sound alike as the AAMS reference database is explained below.
When both are chosen AAMS will do the audio mastering for you!

The reference style a user can choose is the way you want your tracks to sound alike Pop, Rock, House or any musical genre, or any band, artist or recording. It is even possible to batch references as one, to mixup, bring together styles. The matching between source vs reference, your music and your music sound as mastered by AAMS according to the reference. It is even possible to combine and batch musical styles together and adjust edit towards your own sound like EQ but then with the frequency spectrum! Adjust References alike using EQ and save them for later use. AAMS works with a Source file (your audio) and a Reference File (out of the AAMS Database of Reference Styles as pre-installed) or creating your own references. AAMS does compare source against reference. You can also create new references out of the database or out of analyzed tracks, albums and other audio. 
The reference database is updated out of 38.0000 tracks and contains most of successful, commercial and many more quality music references styles.
The older AAMS V2 database is also installed with AAMS V4. Watch the video for instructions how to use the Reference's and also to create your own presets.


AAMS V4 Reference Musical Style Database

The Reference Style Database of AAMS version 3 is completely and newly written. We have AAMS Analyzed about 38.000 Tracks of Music from different Genres and Styles. From everywhere over the world, for you to compare your music against.  Your own audio material is called a Source. What you compare your source with is called a Reference. So what AAMS Software Analyzer does is compare your music and creates Suggestions from making it sound as good. Then AAMS will master your music accordingly!


Directories and Files

The main function of the Reference Style Database is to give the user a readymade preset database of musical styles to compare and choose from. These References are specially crafted AAMS Analyzer files made by interpreting musical styles and contain frequency spectrum, compression and loudness levels, functions that AAMS Software can understand. As a Source is an AAMS Analyzer *.aam file. A Reference is also an AAMS Analyzer *.aam file (mostly an @ is used in the filename for references). The Style or Reference Database is installed with AAMS. Inside this directory are all RMS files and they are suitable for most mastering purposes and for beginners to work with ease in mind. The full Reference Database has got with the Styles a lot of varaitions. Like male or femake (voice), fast or slow (beat) and contians about 300 different references from music styles all over the world.

The following directory's 

'V4 Mastering' with AAMS V4.0 main Reference Database files (for AAMS Mastering).

'V4 Mixing' with AAMS V4.0 Reference Mixing Files (for Mixing etc).

'OLD' : With AAMS V2.0 and AAMS V1.0 Reference Database files


The AAMS V4 Main Mastering Reference Database Files

Reference RMS files explained!

RMS means root mean square and are named RMS in the style name. The main starting References for Beginners and for All Mastering functions that are general. If you do not know what reference to choose but know the gerne. 

Found in the directory :   'V4 Mastering/1 RMS Mastering'


'@AAMS Mastering_RMS' – The main starting Reference for all beginners and lazy users. Eh ahum, yes this is the AAMS RMS main reference, if you are new or a beginner, just just want a good steady sound, start with this reference. 


AAMS Different Musical Gernes RMS Styles :



AAMS V4 Mastering Reference Database Files with differences

Reference files found in subdirectories : 'V4 Mastering'

























































AAMS V4 Mixing Reference Database Files with differences

Reference files found in subdirectories : 'V4 Mixing'


The Mixing database is highly experimental, because Mixing Tracks with AAMS Mastering Software is kind of under construction. But we like to give our users a hint what is coming up in later versions of aams and we would not underestimate our users for experimenting with this Mixing Database. This database is not generally used for Mastering purposes with AAMS.

As a Source is an *.aam file. A Reference is also an *.aam file (mostly an @ is used in the filename for references). The Style or Reference Database is installed with AAMS V4, usually in C:Program FilesAAMSAAMS FilesReferences or C:Program Files (x86)AAMSAAMS FilesReferences. Inside this directory are all RMS files and they are suitable for most mastering purposes. The full database is in the following directory C:Program FilesAAMSAAMS FilesReferencesReference Database.



The Older AAMS V2.0 and AAMS V1.0 Reference Style Database

Included into AAMS V4 is the older Reference Style Database as AAMS Versions from AAMS V2.5 Rev 006 to even AAMS V1.0. 
The older References can still be used and loaded as Reference Style. 
Though the later AAMS V4 New Reference Style Database cannot be loaded into older AAMS V2 or AAMS V1 versions.

Reference files found in subdirectories : 'Old'

The AAMS Reference Database Files for AAMS V2.5 Rev 006 and older versions

0 @Master RMS - Use this preset for all overall mastering purposes

1 @Acapella Female.aam - Vocals only for general female vocal tracks 
2 @Acapella House Female.aam - Vocals only for House music female vocal tracks 
3 @Acapella House Male.aam - Vocals only for House Male vocal tracks 
4 @Acapella Male.aam - Vocals Only for general male vocal tracks
5 @Acapella Ragga Male.aam - Vocals only for reggae ragga vocal tracks 
6 @Acapella Rap.aam - Vocals (male and female) for rap vocal tracks 
7 @Acapella RMS.aam – Acapella RMS 
8 @Blues Male.aam - General male blues
9 @Blues RMS.aam - Blues RMS
10 @Blues Slow.aam - Mainly slower blues tempo 
11 @Boyband Male.aam – General music like boybands with multiple male vocals 
12 @Boyband RMS.aam - Boyband RMS
13 @Boyband Slow.aam - Slower tempo multiple male vocals 
14 @Christmas Modern Female.aam - Modern female vocals on Christmas music 
15 @Christmas Modern Male.aam - Modern male vocals on Christmas music 
16 @Christmas Old.aam - Old style male / female vocals on Christmas music 
17 @Christmas RMS.aam - Christmas RMS
18 @Classic Classical Music.aam - Full orchestras and Classical music styles 
19 @Classic Movie Theme.aam – Movie, Film and Video with orchestral music 
20 @Classic Orchestra Plays Modern Music.aam - Modern full orchestral music 
21 @Classic RMS.aam - Classical RMS
22 @Country Female.aam - Female vocals on Country music 
23 @Country Male.aam - Male vocals on Country music 
24 @Country RMS.aam – Country RMS
25 @Country The Slow King.aam - Slower male vocals on Country music 
26 @Country The Slow Queen.aam - Slower female vocals on Country music 
27 @Disco Female.aam - Female vocals on disco music 
28 @Disco Male.aam - Male vocals on disco music 
29 @Disco RMS.aam – Disco RMS
30 @Electronic Industrial Slow.aam - Slower electronic and synth music 
31 @Electronic Industrial.aam - Electronic music 
32 @Electronic Pop Female.aam - Female vocals on electronic pop music 
33 @Electronic Pop Instrumental.aam – Instrumental Electronic pop music 
34 @Electronic RMS.aam – Electronic RMS
35 @Electronic Rock.aam - Electronic rock music 
36 @Funk Pop.aam - Funk Pop music
37 @Funk RMS.aam – Funk RMS
38 @Funk Slow.aam - Slower tempo funk music 
39 @Girlband RMS.aam - Girlband RMS
40 @Girlband.aam - Multiple female vocals on modern music 
41 @HornsBands RMS.aam – Horns bands RMS 
42 @HornsBands.aam - Brass- and horn band music 
43 @House All.aam - House music 
44 @House Female.aam - Female vocals on House music 
45 @House Hardcore Female.aam - Female vocals on Hardcore House music 
46 @House Hardcore Male.aam - Male vocals on Hardcore House music
47 @House Male.aam - Male vocals on House music 
48 @House Rave.aam - House Rave music 
49 @House RMS.aam – House RMS
50 @House Trance.aam - House Trance music 
51 @Lounge RMS.aam – Lounge RMS
52 @Lounge.aam - Lounge music 
53 @Master.aam - General master preset from older library 
54 @Modern RMS.aam - Modern RMS 
55 @Modern.aam - General modern music preset 
56 @Nederlands RMS.aam - Nederlands RMS 
57 @Nederlands.aam - Dutch language male / female / instrumental music 
58 @New Wave Female.aam - Female vocals on New Wave music 
59 @New Wave Guitars Band Instrumental.aam – Guitar bands on New Wave music 
60 @New Wave Male Slow.aam - Slower tempo male New Wave music 
61 @New Wave Male.aam - Male vocals on New Wave music 
62 @New Wave RMS.aam - New Wave RMS. 
63 @Pop Female.aam - Female vocals on pop music 
64 @Pop Male.aam - Male vocals on pop music 
65 @Pop RMS.aam - Pop Male RMS
66 @Rap Disco Male.aam - Male Rap vocals on Disco-Rap music 
67 @Rap Female.aam - Female vocals on Rap music 
68 @Rap Hardstyle.aam - Hardstyle-Rap music 
69 @Rap Old Skool.aam – Old School Rap music 
70 @Rap Pop Soul.aam - Male / female / instrumental vocals on soulful Pop-Rap music 
71 @Rap RMS.aam - Rap White Boys RMS 
72 @Rap Slow Female.aam – Female vocals on slower tempo Rap music 
73 @Rap Slow Male.aam - Male vocals on slower tempo Rap music 
74 @Rap Smooth Rnb.aam - Male / female / instrumental on Rap (smooth RNB) music 
75 @Rap White Boys.aam - White male vocals on Rap music 
76 @Reference ALL database preset 1.aam - General preset for all music 
77 @Reggae Dub.aam - Reggae Dub music 
78 @Reggae Female.aam - Female vocals on Reggae music 
79 @Reggae Male.aam - Male vocals on Reggae music 
80 @Reggae RMS.aam - Reggae Male RMS 
81 @RMSall.aam - RMSall, General preset for all music 
82 @Rnb Female.aam - Female vocals on overall RNB music 
83 @Rnb Male.aam - Male vocals on overall RNB music 
84 @Rnb RMS.aam - RNB White Boy RMS
85 @Rnb White Boy.aam - White male vocals on RNB music 
86 @Rock 1950 - 1960.aam – 50’s Rock music 
87 @Rock 1960 - 1970.aam – 60’s Rock music 
88 @Rock Easy Female.aam - Female vocals on Easy Rock music 
89 @Rock Easy Male.aam – Male vocals on Easy Rock music 
90 @Rock Female.aam – Female vocals on Rock music 
91 @Rock Instrumental.aam - Instrumental Rock music 
92 @Rock Metal Hard.aam - Hard Metal Rock music 
93 @Rock Metal Medium.aam - Metal Rock music 
94 @Rock Metal Slow.aam - Slower tempo Metal Rock music 
95 @Rock Pop.aam – Pop - Rock music 
96 @Rock RMS.aam - Rock Voodoo RMS 
97 @Rock Trash Punk.aam - Punk-Trash Rock music 
98 @Rock Voodoo Slow.aam - Slower tempo Voodoo Rock music 
99 @Rock Voodoo.aam – Voodoo Rock music 
101 @Slow Female.aam - Female vocals on slower music (ballads etc) 
101 @Slow Male.aam - Male vocals on slower music (ballads etc) 
102 @Slow RMS.aam - Slow Male RMS
103 @Soul Female.aam - Female vocals on Soul music 
104 @Soul Mood Male.aam - Male vocals on slower moody Soul music 
105 @Soul Motown Female Slow.aam - Female vocals on slower tempo Motown music 
106 @Soul Motown Female.aam - Female vocals on Motown Soul music 
107 @Soul Motown Male Slow.aam – Male vocals on slower tempo Motown Soul music 
108 @Soul Motown Male.aam - Male vocals on Motown Soul music 
109 @Soul Pop Female.aam - Female vocals on Pop-Soul music 
110 @Soul Pop Male.aam - Male vocals on Soul-Pop music 
111 @Soul RMS.aam - Soul RMS 
112 @Soul White Boy.aam - White male vocals on Soul music 
113 @Soul White Girl Soul.aam - White female vocals on Soul music 
114 @Spanish Female.aam - Female vocals on Spanish music 
115 @Spanish International Love.aam - International Spanish love songs 
116 @Spanish Male Slow.aam - Male vocals on overall slower tempo Spanish music 
117 @Spanish Male.aam – Male vocals on Spanish music
118 @Spanish RMS.aam - Spanish RMS
119 @World Male slow.aam - Male vocals on slower tempo World music 
120 @World Male.aam - Male vocals on World music 
121 @World RMS.aam - World Male RMS
122 @Christmass.aam – Updated Christmas RMS
123 @DutchRapNL.aam – Dutch Rap based Tracks Songs
124 @DutchSinterklaasNL.aam – Dutch Santa Claus Songs
125 @Movie Theme RMS.aam – Movie Related Song
126 @Opera.aam – Opera RMS
127 @StandupComedy.aam – Vocals and Public RMS
128 @Vegas RMS.aam – Vegas Songs Tracks RMS

Single Audio Tracks

200 @BassRMS.aam
201 @DrumsRMS.aam
202 @GuitarAccousticRMS.aam
203 @GuitarElectricRMS.aam
204 @PianoRMS.aam
205 @SynthRMS.aam
206 @VocalRMS.aam

As a Source is an *.aam file. A Reference is also an *.aam file (mostly an @ is used in the filename for references). The Style or Reference Database is installed with AAMS V4, usually in C:Program FilesAAMSAAMS FilesReferences or C:Program Files (x86)AAMSAAMS FilesReferences. Inside this directory are all RMS files and they are suitable for most mastering purposes. The full database is in the following directory C:Program FilesAAMSAAMS FilesReferencesReference Database.


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AAMS Auto Audio Mastering System is intended to assist musicians and sound technicians in creating the final version of their mixes, ready to be released to the public. The audio mastering process enables you to prepare a mix for being distributed by fixing distractions in tonality, volume, noises or distortion. A handy utility which supplies you with suggestions for equalizer or multiband compression, providing a useful audio mastering tool

Getting accustomed to the application doesn't require you to be a professional mastering engineer, although some basic knowledge and some time is required to find out what each function does. The interface is definitely note the best we've seen, but it provides one-click access to all the options. It takes some time to set up your own reference master and this is done by allowing the program to analyze sets of songs with characteristics similar to what you plan on obtaining. Practically, you can give all your mixes the feel of your best song. AAMS Auto Audio Mastering System aims to help you test the sound quality of your audio materials. It analyzes MP3 or WAV source files and then uses them as a reference system for further input sounds. Alternatively, you can use one of the many reference files that the application comes with. The collection includes reference systems for a wide range of genres, from classic music and ballads to disco, funk, electronic and rock. AAMS Auto Audio Mastering System enables you to view the waveform display and the spectrum graph of the loaded songs and provides suggestions for the equalizer, compression and volume settings. Also, it can be used for digital signal processing, applying the necessary corrections to your mix in order to make it sound great. Thus, you can adjust fading and get better results by using a multiband compressor or a parametric EQ, change the master balance, normalize WAV files and more.

AAMS Auto Audio Mastering System comes with a set of tools that can help you create your final audio or music, even if you don't know much about mastering. It allows you to correct obvious differences between songs and create a recording that can captivate the audience.

AAMS V4 Author

Denis van der Velde
Sined Supplies Inc.


The database was rewritten 30-01-2020.
All Files are copyrighted (C) 2004-2020, Sined Supplies Inc.
(Read the license agreement for details about copyrights etc).



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